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American truck simulator game download

American truck simulator game download free from our download link. After travelling the most important roads in America with US Truck Simulator, the busiest roads in the UK with American Truck Simulator or the most impressive roads in Germany with German Truck Simulator, now you can also travel the biggest roads in America, thanks to this American Truck Simulator game download full version software.

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American truck simulator game download

As the name suggests, American Truck Simulator is a fabulous truck simulation game, from the company SCS Software that allows us to travel America from coast to coast aboard large trucks and American trailers. The game may not have changed much since the first editions of Truck Simulator, keeping the same game mechanics and physics.  But without a doubt, will fall in love with the most loyal fans. In American Truck Simulator you start as an autonomous driver, who wants to try his luck in the world of driving large vehicles. After gathering the necessary money, buy your own truck and create your delivery company. From this moment you will live a fantastic adventure at the wheel of your truck.

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Regarding other games in the truck simulator series, American Truck Simulator game not only changes its scenarios but also its soundtrack. You have the opportunity to travel America, from coast to coast, listening to country music, without forgetting to do Route 66. Unfortunately, this demo version of American Truck Simulator game only allows us to visit two of the fifty states that make up the USA: Nevada and California, through natural landscapes, suburban environments and large cities.

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Graphically, ATS does not differ much from other games in the SCS Software truck simulator series, but the trucks are recreated with a high level of detail, which produces a fabulous driving sensation. If you like truck simulators, what are you waiting for to travel the US roads from coast to coast with American Truck Simulator? Free download American truck simulator game and run at any time.

System requirement

Operating system: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10

Language: English

Price: Free

File Size: 8.4 MB

Publisher: Truck simulator
Download American truck simulator game